Sprouts Gourmet Menus

Sprouts Gourmet Catering is all about fresh ingredients, creative recipes and tasty food selections. We not only offer menus that cater to a wide variety of taste and dietary preferences, but our menus are designed to complement your event style while remaining within your budget.

All the products on our menus are priced including GST.

To Browse our Menus

Click on Menus at left to browse the menus or click on the Events at right which will recommend menus that we have tailored for those events.

Printing your Menu Selections

To print a special printed version of any menu, simply select the menu and click on the print icon in your browser.

Our Reminder List

Experience is a great teacher and to help you benefit from our experience David and Lianne have compiled a Reminder List against which you can check your own plans for your event.

These reminders have been designed to help you plan your special event and further ensure that your function will go smoothly.

Date: Do I need to make a tentative booking with Sprouts to ensure they will be available for my function date?

Venue: Do I need a marquee or hall to properly accommodate the number of my guests?

Back-Up Venue: Will my first venue choice accommodate a change in the weather?

Space: Have I sufficient room for my guests to be seated or standing comfortably?

Kitchen: Is there adequate electricity to my buffet table? Is there adequate heating equipment for my buffet (chafing dishes, gas warmer box, pie warmers, hot boxes, bain marie, ovens)? Do I have enough bench space for plating the meals?

Staff: Have I sufficient kitchen or waiter staff for my function?

Hire: Have I sufficient crockery, plastic plates, cutlery, plastic cutlery, glassware, linen, serviettes, trestle tables, tables and chairs? Can Sprouts organize my hire equipment and include it in my quote to make it easier for me?

Table Accessories: Do I have adequate decorations, serviettes, filled salt and pepper shakers for my tables?

Catering: Do I have to make a tentative booking and discuss personal requirements or any queries I have for my special function with David or Lianne? See our booking page.

The Quote: When I receive my Quote from Sprouts do I need to make any changes? See our booking page.

Confirmation: I will need to confirm my booking details with Sprouts. For more information, see our booking page.

Deposit: When do I need to pay the deposit? For more information see our booking page.

Final Payment: Have I paid my deposit to secure my booking? I will need to settle my final numbers for Sprouts to calculate my final balance. When is final payment required? For more information about final payment see our booking page.

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