7 days' notice required - Minimum 30 people - GST included


Spicy Creamed Cheese Log with Lavosch Crackers – $15.60

Sprouts own Cob Loaf Dip with crispy bread pieces – $20.35

Corn Relish and Chive Dip 500ml – $8.80

Creamy Tomato and Basil Dip 500ml – $8.80

French Onion Dip 500ml – $8.80

Spicy Guacamole Dip 500ml – $9.35

Crudités (Vegetable Sticks for dipping) 1000ml rectangle container  – $10.50

Turkish Bread Toasts - rectangle container – $8.50

Lavosch Crackers - rectangle container – $8.50

Water Crackers - Pkt - $5.50

Pesto and Parmesan Mini Scrolls – packet 20 – $15.60

Sundried Tomato and Olive Scrolls – packet 20 – $15.60

Cabanossi slices 250g, Cheese cubes 200g and Pickled Onions 200g – $17.50

• Turkish Dip Platter - 3 dips (Tzatziki, Hummus, Baba Ghannouj) with fresh Turkish Bread pieces for dipping – $39.60

• Creamed Cheese Log with Lavosch Crackers – $23.50

• Cob Loaf with Crispy Bread Pieces – $27.50

• Small Cabanossi, Cheese and Pickled Onion Platter (caters up to approx 20) – $27.50

• Large Cabanossi, Cheese and Pickled Onion Platter (caters up to approx 40) – $66.00

• Small Crudités Platter – 1 dip with crudités (caters up to approx 20) – $33.00

• Large Crudités Platter – 2 dips with crudités (caters up to approx 40) – $66.00

To Order extra Crackers to accompany your platters, see Nibblies list above.

Kids Finger Food

Minimum of 15 Children

Choose 3 Varieties (3 Items per child) - $3.60 per child

Choose 4 Varieties (4 Items per child) - $4.80 per child

Choose 5 Varieties (5 Items per child) - $6.00 per child

Sausage Rolls*

Party Pies*

Spinach Cheese Fillo Triangles*


Chicken Nuggets*

Mini Pizzas*

Finger Sandwiches – ham, cheese, vegemite, chicken
*denotes pre-prepared products not made on our premises.

Finger Food Selections

Minimum of 30 People

Choose 3 Varieties (3 Items per person) - $5.95 per person

Choose 5 Varieties (5 Items per person) - $9.90 per person

Choose 7 Varieties (7 Items per person) - $13.85 per person

Choose 9 Varieties (9 items per person) - $17.80 per person

Choose 11 Varieties (11 items per person) - $21.80 per person

Choose 13 Varieties (13 items per person) - $25.75 per person

Choose 15 Varieties (15 items per person) - $29.70 per person

(GF) - Gluten Free

(V) - Vegetarian

(X) - To be Finished at time of Serving

(NT) - Not Suitable for Travel (when ordering ready to serve)


Rice Paper Rolls with Sweet Soy, Ginger and Chilli Dipping Sauce - (GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE on request) choose from

• Marinated Asian Vegetables and Rice Noodles (V)

• Marinated Asian Vegetables, Mint and Teriyaki Chicken

• Marinated Asian Vegetables, Coriander and Prawns

Spinach Mini Scones topped with Pesto Cream Cheese, Marinated Capsicum and Olives (V) (NT)

Brushcetta with Tomato, Roasted Capsicum and Fetta Cheese, Balsamic Drizzle on Italian Bread (V) (X) (NT)

Smoked Chicken, Mushroom and Goats Cheese Croustades (Crispy Bread tart shells) (X) (NT)

Chive Crepe Roulades with Smoked Salmon, fresh Asparagus and Lemon Pepper Cream Cheese

Mini Dampers of Roast Beef with Caramelised Onion, Mustard Sour Cream and Gherkin (NT) 

Duck and Coriander Wonton Tartlets with Asian spiced drizzle (X) (NT)

Dill Pancakes topped with Smoked Salmon, Capers and a Zesty Sour Cream (X) (NT)

GLUTEN FREE - Tasty Tuna Slice topped with Lemon Garlic Mayo and Brie (GF)

GLUTEN FREE - Sweet Potato and Zucchini Frittata topped with Capsicum Aioli and Semi Sundried Tomato (GF) (V)

Nori Rolls with Soy & Wasabi Dipping Sauce - (GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE on request) - choose from

• Cucumber, Capsicum and Pickled Ginger with sesame seeds (V)

• Tuna, Avocado and Chive

• Teriyaki Chicken and Cucumber

Additional 65c Per Person for these choices

GLUTEN FREE - Fresh Oysters with a Light Lemon Grass and Herb Dressing served in Chinese Spoons (GF) (X) (NT)

Fillo Tartlets with a Crab, Ginger and Kaffir Lime filling (NT)

GLUTEN FREE - Thai marinated Prawn Skewers with a Minted Chilli dipping sauce (GF)


Tomato, Parmesan and Basil Meatballs with Pesto Mayonnaise

Baby Curried Vegetable Samosas with a Cumin and Coriander Yoghurt Dipping Sauce (V)

Mini Garlic Lamb Burgers with Fetta Cheese and Hummus (X) (NT)

Mini Tartlets - choose from

• Chicken, Asparagus and Swiss Cheese

• Caramelised Onion and Goats Cheese (V)

• Roasted Capsicum, Olive and Fetta Cheese (V)

• Smoked Salmon, Spanish Onion and Dill

Mini Cottage Pies

Pork and Noodle Balls with Gingered Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce (GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE on request) 

Sesame Crumbed Chicken Breast Strips with a Ginger and Lime Mayonnaise (GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE on request)

Mini Gourmet Sausage Rolls with Tomato & Basil Sauce

Mini Chunky Pepper Beef Pies

Zucchini and Corn Fritters with Mild Curry Yoghurt dipping sauce (V)

Mini Gourmet Pizzas - choose from

• Cajun Chicken and Coriander

• Artichoke, Sundried Tomato and Pesto (V)

Tandoori Chicken Skewers with a Cucumber and Mint dipping sauce 

Creamy Chicken and Leek Pasties

GLUTEN FREE - Sweet Potato, Onion and Basil Mini Soups with a Sour Cream and Chive Garnish (V) (X) (NT)

GLUTEN FREE - Marinated Chicken Wings (GF)  -  choose from


• Sweet Chilli and Ginger

GLUTEN FREE - Potato Bites filled with

• Prosciutto, Swiss Cheese and Chive (GF)

• Mexican - Mild Chilli Beans, Corn and Red Onion (V) (GF)

Additional 65c Per Person for these choices

GLUTEN FREE - Lamb Kofta Balls with Tahini Yoghurt (GF)

Thai Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli, Cucumber and Coriander Sauce

Wonton Wrapped Prawns with Sweet Chilli and Mango Dressing

Bowl Food Selections

Minimum of 30 People

Choose 3 Varieties - $12.50 per person

Choose 4 Varieties - $15.50 per person

Choose 5 Varieties - $18.50 per person

Bowl Food servings are based on a smaller serving than a buffet to accompany the Finger Food for a more substantial meal.  Small bamboo bowls with bamboo forks are included in the costs.  Chafing dish hire would be extra if required

Moroccan Beef Casserole with Steamed Rice

Beef, Red Wine and Mushroom Casserole with Steamed Rice (GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE on request)

Chicken, Leek and Seeded Mustard Casserole with Steamed Rice (GF)

Tandoori Chicken and Sweet Potato Casserole with Steamed Rice

Vegetable Curry and Steamed Rice (GF)

Chunky Ratatouille OR Moroccan Vegetables (GF)

Penne Pasta with Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Sauce

Penne Pasta with Creamy Pesto and Sundried Tomato Sauce

Spinach Ravioli with Tomato Basil Sauce

Platter Options

SMALL approximately 10 – 20 people

LARGE approximately 20 – 30+ people

(Serving with other food, these numbers would differ considerably)

Antipasta Selection – Marinated Vegetables, Salami, Fetta Cheese, Olives, Frittata, Sundried Tomatoes

• $41.80 

• $66.00

Selection of Mixed Sandwiches – Variety of fillings

• Small – 7 rounds = 28 small triangles – $28.00

• Large – 10 rounds = 40 small triangles – $40.00

Selection of Fresh Fruit

• Small – $35.20

• Large – $66.00

Selection of Mixed Sweet Items

• Small – 10 items cut in ½ – $35.00

• Large – 20 items cut in ½  –  $70.00

Dried Fruit and Cheese Platter with Crackers

• Small – 3 cheeses – $43.00

• Medium – 4 cheeses – $55.00

• Large – 5 cheeses – $72.00

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