The Macarthur area is a fantastic place to have a catered wedding. Whether you choose a traditional style wedding or a ring of daisies in a beautiful rural setting, at Sprouts, we understand that every wedding is a special and unique event.

That is why we offer a variety of menu and service options; allowing you the choice of providing your guests with a sit down three course dinner, fine finger food in a cocktail party setting or smorgasbord / buffet style dining.

Whatever your choice, Sprouts will approach your event with the professionalism, organisation and fine food that will truly make this your once in a lifetime special day.

May we suggest you Browse the following Menus

Customised Dinner Menu containing three-course dinner options for 25 people or more

Finger Food Menu containing a delicious assortment of nibblies, standard and gourmet, hot and cold options for 25 people or more

Buffet Options Menu containing buffet options for 25 people or more

Customised Buffet Menu containing a range of hot, cold and sweet options for 25 people or more.

Take Away Wholesale Menu providing a rich array of selections and dishes for almost every occasion.

Wedding Checklist

Date: Do I need to make a tentative booking with Sprouts or should I confirm my booking date with Sprouts?

Food: Discuss menu options, special food and event requirements with Sprouts and obtain my no-obligation free Sprouts Function Quotation. Do I want to pick up my food or have it delivered by Sprouts?

Sprouts Function Quotation: Have I received this from Sprouts? Does it cover everything that I want from Sprouts?

Venue: Can I accommodate the number of my guests?

Back-Up Venue: What if the weather changes?

Space: Will my guests have enough space to be seated comfortably?

Kitchen: Is there adequate heating equipment and bench space for final preparation and plating of food? Do I need to hire heating equipment or trestle tables through Sprouts?

Staff: Will I have the right amount of people to heat and serve meals? Do I want Sprouts to organize the staff for my event?

Hire: Have I enough cutlery, crockery, linen, tables and chairs? What if my guest list increases? Should I discuss hiring options with Sprouts.

Table Accessories: Do I have decorations, serviettes, filled salt and pepper shakers?

Catering: Do I need to tell Sprouts of any new special or personal requirements? Do I need to ask David and Lianne about pre-heating, final preparation or freezing food items.

Personalising: Do I want Sprouts to use my own dishes and platters.

The Sprouts Function Quotation: Do I need to have my Sprouts Function Quotation adjusted for new requirements or selections? Has my guest list changed? Has my venue changed? Do I need to hire equipment and include this on my Sprouts Function Quotation?

21 days to go: Confirm my Sprouts Function Quotation. Make sure that everything I want Sprouts to do is on this Function Quotation. If I want staff from Sprouts, confirm this.

7 days to go: Confirm my final guest number with Sprouts.

1 day to go: Do I need to take my dishes and platters to Sprouts?

The big day: Am I due to pick up my food from Sprouts? Remember to take a good sized esky to collect my food items. Tell Sprouts where I will leave their platters.

The day after: Make sure that all platters are rinsed and left at the nominated location or returned to the Sprouts kitchen in Narellan.

For further information refer to the Menus and Services pages.

Gold Licenced Caterer